About me

Hi, I'm Trudy.

Although loving the Cornish beaches, I still live in Bristol with 5 dogs and 2 cats.

A lifelong "animal rescuer" I am an avid fan of rescues and the work that they do. I have dog walked at both Bristol and Bath Dogs home, and home checked for Bath RSPCA. I have also assisted on a number of occasions with a Refuge in Spain helping to fundraise, clean and dog walk. Two of my own dogs came from Spain after being dumped, and so I do understand the issues which may arise on integrating those into an already established pack.

Previously, I have been known to trot around the show ring with my Ridgebacks but nowadays prefer to be involved on the other side and currently am a member of the West Country Dog Club where I may be seen sat at a table as a Steward and filling out books!

I have enjoyed practicing and training my own dogs, my lurcher Ebby has qualified for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme and has currently reached Silver level. We are hoping to progress to Gold at some point! Although agility was tried, we found it wasn't for us but this year I have a day of scentwork which is exciting, and I am looking forward to getting some new skills to try with the dogs. Something to keep them occupied and their brain working, is a skill I believe is greatly under valued. Dogs don't just need a long walk to tire them out, but brain games will stimulate them mentally and for dogs that are on the go constantly is a great tool.

My spare time is spent learning more and the practice of my own animals with Tellington Touch. Having found out about TTouch when researching for techniques to help with my own nervous dog, I have now attended a number of clinics. It is a very gentle way of building confidence in both dog and handler, and can help alongside positive and reward based training.

My links page will direct you to further information if you would like to know more.